Spring Lawn Treatment

Spring Lawn Treatment 

Your lawn is the centre piece of your garden and as such should be made to look its best and with Spring Lawn Treatment from Cheshire Lawn Doctor it will.

You may be looking out of the window at the moment looking at the snow but with Spring just around the corner and increasingly warmer temperatures the grass in your Warrington lawn will soon begin to grow and will need extra nutrients to help it to look its best. Here at Cheshire Lawn Doctor, your local lawn treatment expert, our bespoke Spring lawn feeds are designed with your lawn in mind to strengthen the grass and green it up for that lush, green lawn that you desire.

Cheshire Lawn Doctor has years of experience of dealing with every aspect of your lawn. Moss is especially problematic at this time of year as we come out of a period that is ideal for it to grow and take over your lawn. Northwich lawns with moss in them need to be treated to kill the moss and then scarified to remove it as it will not decompose like a weed. Cheshire Lawn Doctor will identify and underlying problems that may cause the excess growth of moss in your lawn and treat them accordingly.

As the temperature in Spring begins to rise we will begin to see the growth of weeds increase. Weeds can grow much faster than the grass in your lawn and if left untreated will soon spread and suffocate your grass. Your lawn care expert for Warrington at Cheshire Lawn Doctor will identify the weeds in your lawn and apply a selective weedkiller to control them.

For more information or to book a free, no obligation lawn survey then CONTACT Cheshire Lawn Doctor on 07798718569 or email info@cheshirelawndoctor.co.uk

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