Why Treat Your Lawn?

Your lawn is the first thing that is seen in your garden. It is the focal point that is constantly used throughout the year. Your lawn will take quite a lot of abuse from being walked on and also the weather. Rain, wind, ice, snow and sun all have an affect on the grass and so we need to look after it to get it looking its best for 12 months of the year.

Treatments that can be applied vary depending on the condition of your lawn, soil, weather and the time of year they are applied. High nitrogen fertilisers should be applied in the Spring and early Summer when the leaves of the grass are growing fast and require that extra boost for growth and colour. Autumn and Winter lawn treatments should concentrate more on root growth rather than soft leaf growth. Spring and Summer lawn treatments can also include weed treatments, wetting agents and bio stimulants. Autumn and Winter treatments generally include moss killers. Add in to the mix scarification, aeration, over seeding, top dressing and pest control then you start to get a very complicated lawn care programme.

When to apply, what to apply, when to aerate and scarify? You need to be careful what you apply to your lawn. Fertiliser and weed killer can easily kill the grass if over applied. It is always best to use a trusted, professional lawn care business that knows what they are doing.

Contact Cheshire Lawn Doctor for advice and a free lawn care quote. You can phone / text on 07798718569 or email: info@cheshirelawndoctor.co.uk.

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