Over the last 12 – 24 months moss has become more prevalent in lawns in the UK. We have the ideal climate for moss to flourish and if left untreated can soon become a major problem.

Moss can be a temporary problem following drought or waterlogging, or more persistent, suggesting a problem with underlying conditions. On new lawns this may be due to poor site preparation. On established lawns poor vigour, acidic soil conditions, a lack of feed, insufficient aeration, poor drainage, shade, close mowing and over-use are likely to blame.

Killing and removing the moss is just the start. To remain moss-free, the vigour of the grass must be improved and any other contributory factors addressed. Good lawn maintenance, seasonal treatments, scarification and aeration are essential to maintaining lawn health.

If moss is a constant problem then the underlying cause needs to be addressed. Poor drainage is a major factor in moss growth. Compacted lawns, lawns on heavy, clay soils and also those that don’t get sufficient nutrients are a few of the main causes.

Removal of moss is a process requiring raking or scarification. Moss killers are applied first followed by scarification a few weeks later after the moss has turned brown/black. Unfortunately due to its nature moss will not decompose easily like a weed does and so requires removal. Once the moss has been removed from the lawn it is advisable to apply another moss treatment to control any bits of moss that may have been missed and so preventing regrowth.

If the moss layer is relatively thick with little or no grass present, once it is removed you may be left with bare patches. It is always recommended to re-seed any patches and cover with a layer of topsoil/topdressing. This will help with the thickening of the lawn and prevent any weeds or new moss from filling the spaces left. Always use a good quality seed and keep well watered during dry spells.

Depending on the time of year, Spring and Autumn being the best for scarification, your lawn will take a number of weeks to recover but with regular treatments and aeration should soon be lush and green.

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