Moss, Moss Everywhere…….

What do you do when your lawn is full of moss?

There are a number of options.

  1. Don’t do anything and let the moss completely over run your lawn.
  2. Treat it yourself and hope that you buy the correct product, apply it at the correct time of the year and also at the correct application rate so as not to kill the grass that is there. Then it will need scarifying, aerating and re-seeding. Not as simple as it sounds now is it?
  3. Give Cheshire Lawn Doctor a call and let us do all the hard work.

We can all use Google. We can all self diagnose health issues or DIY problems around the home. But can we solve the problem ourselves? Would you treat yourself if you broke your leg or replace your boiler if it stopped working? Some people would but most would go to a Doctor or a plumber for help. The same can be said for problems with your lawn, get professional help, that is our job!!

Moss can be a pain. Not only does it look unsightly in your lawn, spreading very quickly, it holds water which makes the area unusable and suffocates any grass that may be there, killing it eventually. In the end you are left with no grass and just moss.

Cheshire Lawn Doctor’s treatment plan over the year ensures a lush green, healthy lawn. Our treatments are designed to promote strong grass growth throughout the year eliminating the ability for moss to reproduce. Unfortunately moss, unlike a weed, does not decompose when treated with a moss killer. For this reason the dead moss must be raked or scarified out to remove it. Depending on the severity of the moss there may be patches left where it has been removed. These patches need to be re-seeded to fill the gaps and prevent the moss from reappearing.

Moss will grow where conditions are ideal. Shady areas under trees, bushes and along fence lines. Waterlogged lawns will help promote moss growth. Poor nutrition that make lawns thin and patchy will give room for moss to prosper. All these aspects need to be taken in to consideration to prevent moss from growing. There is always an underlying reason. Annual lawn aeration will help with air, water and nutrient movement and help prevent compacted soil that can cause wet spots thus taking away the ideal conditions for moss.

So you see, moss treatment and removal isn’t as straight forward as you may think.

If you have a moss problem then give Cheshire Lawn Doctor a call on 07798718569 or email

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