Lawn Treatments in Warrington

Lawn Treatments in Warrington

The past couple of weeks have been very difficult for your lawn due to the extreme cold weather that we have been having. Lawn treatments in Warrington unfortunately cannot be applied when the temperature is so cold for damage to your lawn will occur. We are lucky in Warrington that we don’t get such cold weather and when we do it usually only lasts a week or so thus enabling your lawn care expert at Cheshire Lawn Doctor to get on with treating your Warrington lawn.

All seasonal treatments have their own level of importance. They each provide a balanced lawn feed with the correct nutrients to enable your lawn to flourish for the time of year they are applied. Too much nitrogen in the Winter will encourage soft growth in your Warrington lawn and thus open up the grass to diseases and damage from cold weather. Too much nutrient in the dry Summer months can scorch your lawn. Here at Cheshire Lawn Doctor we have years of experience of treating lawns and our bespoke lawn feeds will provide your lawn with the correct nutrients it requires.

Achieving that perfect lawn in Warrington is not just about the treatments that are applied. Your lawn also needs cutting on a regular basis. During the faster growing periods of Spring and early Summer this can be as often as every few days. Grass needs to be looked after to get the desired look. Here at Cheshire Lawn Doctor we also provide a lawn mowing service within Warrington and combined with our lawn treatment service you will soon have that lawn that will make your friends and neighbours jealous.

No lawn is beyond saving so no matter what condition, good or bad, give Cheshire Lawn Doctor a call and see how we can help.

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