Lawn Treatments in Leigh and Astley

Lawn Treatments in Leigh and Astley

Your lawn is the centre piece of your garden so lawn treatments in Leigh and Astley are very important to keep if green, weed and moss free. Cheshire Lawn Doctor has years of experience of treating and mowing lawns within Leigh and Astley and has the knowledge to advise what is best to keep it looking its best.

Services that your local lawn care professional at Cheshire Lawn Doctor offers range from simple mowing, seasonal lawn treatments for control of moss, weeds, pests and diseases, hollow tine aeration to aid with drainage and control the thatch layer and scarification in Leigh and Astley to remove moss and thatch that has accumulated over the Winter months. Your lawn may not need all these treatments but will certainly benefit from at least one of them.

Regular lawn cutting throughout the growing season will greatly enhance your Leigh and Astleys lawns appearance and also promote sideways growth of the grass. Cutting your grass every few days during Spring and Summer is a must for that lush lawn that you desire.

Seasonal treatments are applied by Cheshire Lawn Doctor to replenish nutrients that are lost out of the soil through leaching or used by the plant throughout the year. These vary depending on the time of year but are all beneficial to your grass. Your lawn care expert will advise on the best treatments when we visit. 

Scarification is carried out once the weather begins to warm up in March/April and again in late Summer/early Autumn. Scarificationis done to remove moss and excess thatch.

Hollow tine aeration is done by Cheshire Lawn Doctor from February onwards when the soil is warm enough and moisture is present. This mechanical procedure removes small cores from your lawn which will aid in air and water movement and help to control the thatch build up.

Cheshire Lawn Doctor provides all these services to ensure your lawn looks lush green and weed and moss free

For more information and to book your free, no obligation quote, then contact Ed at Cheshire Lawn Doctor on 07798718569 or email

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