Lawn Weeds – Lesser Trefoil

Lesser trefoil is an annual turf weed that is related to the clover family. In fact this weed is often referred to as yellow suckling clover and like other clovers it is able to fix nitrogen from the atmosphere.

It is a major nuisance in all lawns as it can easily tolerate a low cutting height.

Lesser trefoil spreads by creeping runners and seed, it anchors itself into the soil with a deep tap root, which enables it to withstand drought conditions.

Lesser trefoil will grow in most soil types, but thrives on nutrient deficient, non-acidic, free draining soils, typical of dry, sandy root zones. Once established it can spread aggressively, as it forms into large patches, eventually choking and suffocating the grass.


As with all weeds the stronger and thicker your lawn is the less space there is for weeds to grow. Regular seasonal treatments, scarification and aeration will encourage grass growth.

Cultural control is fairly difficult once the weed is present. As Lesser trefoil is low growing it can be hard to cut when mowing your lawn and due to its deep tap root is difficult to hand weed. Try raking the weed upright prior to mowing to lift the weed more vertical.

Chemical control is the best option. Cheshire Lawn Doctor apply selective weedkillers that will kill Lesser trefoil.

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