Treating Lawns in Sale, Bowdon and Altrincham


Treating Lawns in Sale, Bowdon and Altrincham

Treating lawns in Sale, Bowdon and Altrincham is not as straight forward as throwing a bit of fertiliser on and cutting the grass every now and again. Here at Cheshire Lawn Doctor we have years of experience of inspecting and treating lawns, knowing what to look for, from pests and diseases to nutrient deficiencies and how to best treat them. Our seasonal treatments are designed to best suit the grass in your lawn. From Spring treatments containing a high percentage of Nitrogen for leaf growth to Autumn treatments that are designed for root growth. Selective weedkillers can scorch your lawn if used in the wrong doses and applied incorrectly. 

The weather also has an affect on when and how treatments are applied. Liquid feeds will be washed off the plant if it is raining whereas granulars will be dispersed within the soil more easily. Applying too much fertiliser on your Bowdon lawn will encourage excess, soft growth and lead to the ingress of diseases. Applying the wrong lawn fertiliser at the wrong time can have a detrimental affect on your grass. 

No two Sale lawns are the same and need to be treated accordingly. Cheshire Lawn Doctor has bespoke seasonal lawn treatments that are applied once we assess your lawn on each visit. Our ability to change a treatment is why our treated lawns look so green and lush.

For more information and to book your lawn in for a survey contactCheshire Lawn Doctor on 07798718569 or email us at

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