Spring Lawn Treatments in Culcheth

Cheshire Lawn Doctor is a family run, independent lawn care expert providing Spring lawn treatments in Culcheth. We treat hundreds of lawns using professional staff and professional products. We have years of experience and knowledge of lawn problems and how to deal with them. We don’t over complicate things or offer you treatments that your lawn does not need. We only recommend what we believe to be the correct treatments to give you a healthy, weed and moss free lawn. All that we ask is that you look after it by keeping it regularly mowed.

Lawn care is relatively new in Warrington and there are many varying soil types and grass types within the area. Some lawn care providers with use a one treatment fits all approach. Here at Cheshire Lawn Doctor we offer bespoke treatments to fit your lawn and its condition. If we think your lawn needs a different treatment then we will apply it. Some franchised lawn companies will just apply what they are told for the time of year.

Our seasonal treatments are varied and can change depending on the weather. We generally apply granular fertilisers with a liquid weedkiller as we find this works best.

Scarification in Warrington is carried out during the months of March, April and May in Spring and in September and October in Autumn.

Lawn aeration in Warrington is mainly done during the Spring, Autumn and Winter when soil conditions are ideal.

Your Warrington lawn doesn’t need to be full of moss, weeds, bare patches, pests and diseases. Give Cheshire Lawn Doctor a call and book your free lawn quote in today for Spring lawn treatments in Warrington.

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