Lawn Recovery in Warrington

Lawn Recovery in Warrington

The hot, dry summer of 2018 has caused many of our lawns to turn brown. This is caused by the grass going in to a state of dormancy and the blades of the grass dying. Fortunately, in most cases, with the correct treatments from Cheshire Lawn Doctor and enough water our lawns should recover. There will, unfortunately, be a few that don’t recover and these may require some extra work to get them back to looking their best.

Cheshire Lawn Doctor, your lawn care specialist for Warrington, treats many lawns and no two are the same. Our bespoke lawn treatment service is tailored to the needs of your lawn. We will provide a detailed report as to any problems and treatments that may be required.

If your lawn is struggling to recover then more work may be required. Cheshire Lawn Doctor’s lawn renovation service will help. Scarifying, aeration and over seeding may be required to get your lawn look green and lush again.

For more info and to get a free, no obligation quote just fill in the contact form on our website, or call us on 07798718569.


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