Lawn Scarification

Scarification shouldn’t be used as a last ditch effort to rectify moss and thatch. It needs to be incorporated in to an annual treatment programme so as to prevent the build up of moss and thatch in your lawn. The lighter the scarifying process the less the grass in your lawn will be affected.

The question that most people ask when we visit a lawn in need of scarifying is ‘when is best’? Spring is generally the best time for any heavy scarifying to be carried out as the warmer conditions allow for quick regrowth and fast seed germination. Heavy scarification in Autumn can lead to bare, muddy patches that may not recover until the following year. This doesn’t mean to say scarifying can’t be done in Autumn as conditions can be ideal but there is a shorter window for recovery due to the colder Winter days. Autumn scarification should therefore be lighter in nature in late August, September and even in to October.

We generally recommend scarifying every year. Some say every 2-3 years but we believe that little and often is far better. It will mean your lawn will look good in a few weeks with a faster recovery time and also there will be far less waste to be removed.

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