Your Warrington Lawn in Summer 2020

Spring 2020 was a very dry season, one of the driest and sunniest we have had for many years. If you hadn’t been watering your lawn regularly then the grass may be showing some form of stress. This mostly shows in thin, yellow patches or straw like appearance. Fortunately we have now had some rainfall which will help the situation. Grass is a resilient plant and hopefully will show recovery in a few months.

What can be done to help your grass recover and grow?

Prevention is always better than cure. We recommend during dry spells to water your lawn with a sprinkler on a regular basis to keep the soil relatively damp. Like all plants sufficient water, nutrients and air are an essential part of lawn care. Provide all 3 and you can have a healthy lawn, remove one or more and your grass with begin to show signs of suffering.

Nutrients are applied via our tried and tested treatments. Slow release fertilisers during the Spring and Summer providing a balanced nutrient programme. Water, as mentioned, if not through rainfall then via sprinklers. Longer, deeper watering as opposed to little and often is the best. This will ensure that roots will grow deeper and not rely on water in the top few inches. Air circulation and nutrient movement around roots and through the soil can be achieved by regular lawn aeration. This can be one of the most important treatments a lawn can receive.

Mowing your lawn should be done on a regular basis, but do not cut too short during dry spells. Thicker grass will protect the surface of the soil from drying out as quickly.

Cheshire Lawn Doctor has years of experience of treating all sorts of lawns and in all conditions in Warrington and surrounding areas.

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