Lawn Treatment in Knutsford

It’s at times like the current global pandemic that we should give thanks for that little bit of greenery we have in our garden that we call a lawn. Times are definitely tough at the moment and with the current restrictions over the last 10 months the one solace we can find is looking out of our windows to see a green, lush, weed free and well manicured lawn.

Grass is obviously a plant and should therefore be treated as one. It can take a real battering over the period of a year. Frost and snow, heavy rain, dry weather and being constantly used during the year from kids games etc can take its toll. Grass needs constant feeding to look its best, weeds need controlling to prevent them suffocating the grass, moss needs to be scarified out at certain times of the year, the soil needs aerating to aid with strong root growth and the grass needs to be mowed on a regular basis to not only keep it looking neat but also to promote new sideways growth. There are many parts to having a successful lawn and if you neglect or remove one of these then your lawn will suffer.

Our 5 treatments over the year will give your lawn the nutrients it requires not only for the grass leaves but also looking after the very important root system that you are unable to see. Deeper, stronger roots will produce a healthier sward and a more drought resistant grass. We are able to swap and change our products to your lawns needs as and when required. We don’t just provide a one treatment fits all service.

Your lawn may be full of moss and thatch which will need removing by scarification. This is a mechanical process that we provide in Knutsford during Spring and early Autumn. Unlike some lawn care companies we do not scarify just for the sake of it. We will let you know if this is what your lawn requires.

Lawn aeration is the mechanical process of putting lots of little holes in to the soil to alleviate compaction, aid with drainage and help with water and nutrient movement around the roots. This will promote a deeper root system that will help with drought resistance due to the plant sourcing water that is deeper within the soil profile.

We also provide a lawn renovation service. Your lawn may be beyond just a light scarification and seasonal treatments and may require renovating to bring it back to its former glory. Heavy scarification to remove moss and thatch, aeration and then over seeding and top dressing are part of this service.

Cheshire Lawn Doctor and Warrington Lawn Care provide an annual lawn treatment programme in Knutsford that provides all of the above and will leave you with that much sort after, envy of the neighbours, lawn. All quotes are free.

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