Our lawns have had a lot to put up with in the last year. Many have had months of what seemed like endless rain. Then came the Beast from the East with freezing temperatures and being covered in snow. Now they are having to cope with no rain and baking temperatures.

The browning of your lawn is a natural response to drought that helps to protect the crown of the plant. Once rain returns the grass will begin to regrow and soon recover.

If you have been watering your lawn for the past few months, and it is green, then I would recommend you continue to water it, until the hosepipe ban comes in. If your lawn is beginning to look stressed or has already turned brown then don’t worry too much as rain won’t be too far away. It isn’t really worth watering your lawn once it has turned brown unless you are prepared to give it the continued soaking that rainfall would. We just have to accept it and enjoy the sunshine!!!



Can treatments still be applied?

Yes they can. Cheshire Lawn Doctor only uses the best, coated, drought safe fertiliser. This fertiliser is specially manufactured for times of drought and has a coating surrounding it that only allows its release once there is sufficient moisture to activate it and will lie dormant until that time. There is no need to water our treatments in but you are more than welcome to if you wish. You may think that because your grass is brown that the fertiliser won’t be used, this isn’t the case. Once the coating is activated the fertiliser will begin to feed your lawn and aid its recovery.


Why not wait for rain to have the treatment?

If you have the treatments then the fertiliser is in place for when the rains come, this is very important in speeding up the lawns recovery. If you miss the treatment, and there is no fertiliser there, it will take much longer for your lawn to recover. Our treatment programme is designed to provide your lawn with the nutrients it requires that aren’t readily available to it.



Weed Control

We are not currently applying blanket weed treatments until there is sufficient moisture in the soil and temperatures are a little lower. We are still spot treating weeds in your lawn though that are easily visible.


Should I mow the lawn during a dry weather period?

If the grass is dry and not growing then do not mow it. If there is some growth or it looks unsightly with tufts of growth here and there then only trim the tops of the leaf try and keep the height to 50mm (2”). This canopy will help to protect the soil, keep it cool and this will help when the rains come. Do not be tempted to cut the lawn short before going on holiday.



If you can, think ahead. It is easier to get water to penetrate a moist soil than it is to try and get it into a soil that is baked hard.

Do not water through the sunny parts or middle of the day as this is not very effective due to the speed of evaporation.

Water either early morning or in the evening giving all areas a good soaking without flooding it.