August Lawn Care

       August Lawn Care

Cheshire Lawn Doctor provides August Lawn Care for your Warrington lawn that ranges from a seasonal treatment, weed and feed, to scarification and hollow tine aerating. Our services are not limited to just these treatments but we have found that these are the most popular.

The current bout of exceptionally dry weather has turned many, or is turning many lawns brown. Unless adequate water was applied then the grass has the ability to go dormant, the green part of the leaves will turn brown, thus protecting the roots and crown. This is natural and Warrington lawns, from Stockton Heath to Culcheth, have suffered. There is no need to panic though as Warrington grass is very resilient and with a few downpours and Cheshire Lawn Doctor’s lawn care programme you will soon see it spring back in to life and green over.

August is a time when we should be thinking about our Great Sankey lawns and how Cheshire Lawn Doctor can improve them. Your lawn may not fully revover in places and you may be left will bald areas of grass that will need scarifying and re-seeding. Cheshire Lawn Doctor uses only the very best grass seed Warrington to over seed any lawns that have failed to recover. 

With the very dry conditions your Croft lawn will have baked rock hard. Any rainfall will find it hard to penetrate the hard surface. Cheshire Lawn Doctor provides an aeration service that uses solid tines to punch holes in to the hard soil that will alleviate any compaction and help water and air move to the roots of the grass. This process should a must after all the dry weather we have had. As soon as it rains in Warrington the water is less likely to run off the lawn.

With the grass in your lawn turning brown then it is more likely to have a build up of heavy thatch. Thatch in your Warrington lawn is a layer of matted dead grass that prevents the roots of your grass from growing in the soil. Cheshire Lawn Doctor will scarify your lawn, a mechanical rake, to remove any unwanted thatch and help with water, air and nutrient movement around the roots of the grass. This is a very important procedure and combined with over seeding afterwards will ensure you have a strong growing lawn.

For more information or for a free lawn quote then you can contact Cheshire Lawn Doctor on 07798718569.

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