Lawn Care in Autumn

Lawn Care in Autumn

Here at Cheshire Lawn Doctor we believe that lawn care in Autumn is very important to the health and well being of your lawn. The treatments and the way the lawn is cared for during what can both be warm but mainly cool and wet periods can have an affect on how the grass looks come the Spring.

There are various factors that affect your Warrington lawn during Autumn, many are weather dependent but there are also other factors, including leaves from tree. All must be looked at closely to enable your Warrington lawn to be at its best.

Too much rain and poorly aerated soils can lead to compaction and poor root growth of the grass. This is avoidable by avoiding walking on the Culcheth lawn whilst it is wet and also by making sure the lawn care programme includes hollow tine aeration. Cheshire Lawn Doctor, your local lawn care service, will be able to best advise on this.

As Autumn is up on us then leaves from trees in Warrington and surrounding areas in Cheshire begin to fall. If left on your Warrington lawn they will cut out any sunlight that the grass needs to maintain its healthy state and the grass will soon die back leaving bare patches in your lawn that leave it vulnerable to moss and weeds. This is easily avoidable by clearing any leaves that accumulate on your lawn.

With Autumn supposedly wetter than Spring and Summer we need to be weary of the ingress of moss in any bare patches. Moss thrives in wet, shady conditions where there is little or no competition from grass. Cheshire Lawn Doctor will apply a moss treatment at this point to control small amounts of Warrington moss but larger infestations may require to be scarified. Your Warrington lawn care professional will best advise on this.

Good garden maintenance is needed at this time of year which will help immensely with the health and general look of your lawn in Cheshire.

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