Warrington Lawn

Warrington Lawn

April is the time of year when Warrington lawn literally spring in to life. With the daylight hours during the day getting longer and the temperature rising we are beginning to see growth of all things green. This fast growth spurt will require the plant to obtain extra nutrients that won’t be present in your soil. These nutrients can only be found by the grass by applying specialist lawn fertilisers. Cheshire Lawn Doctor has vast experience and knowledge of how your lawn grows and what is required to help it to grow. Our fertilisers give a balanced addition of the correct nutrients at the correct time of the season to help your grass grow at its optimum and look lush and green all year round.

As Spring is a time when most plants will begin to grow you will also begin to see weeds growing. If left uncontrolled the weeds will soon grow bigger and stronger than the grass in your lawn. Here at Cheshire Lawn Doctor we apply selective herbicides to control most broad leaved weeds.

Treatments are applied every 10/12 weeks and vary in their nutrient content depending on the time of year and plant requirements. Spring is a time for high nitrogen fertilisers.

Nitrogen is very important in helping all plants to grow. It is an essential element that is used in the manufacture of new plant cells, which build up to make the leaves and stems. It is a fundamental part of all plant DNA.

Nitrogen is very important in maintaining the health of your lawn, as all parts of a grass plant depend on there being a readily available supply in the soil. If you have too much or too little nitrogen, you are going to encounter problems with your lawn.

Cheshire Lawn Doctor will ensure your Warrington lawn looks its best all year round by providing a lawn care treatment service that is hard to beat in Warrington and surrounding areas.

For more information you can Contact Cheshire Lawn Doctor on 07798718569 or email at info@cheshirelawndoctor.co.uk

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