Lawn Treatments – Moss

Moss can be seen in almost all lawns, even those that are well managed. The UK has the ideal climate for the growth of moss in lawns in Warrington due to the amount of rain that we get. If your lawn is neglected and has little or no treatments then moss will eventually find its way in and begin to spread. If left untreated it can soon overwhelm a lawn and suffocate the grass that is there.

Moss can be a temporary problem following drought or waterlogging, or more persistent, suggesting a problem with underlying conditions. On new lawns this may be due to poor site preparation. On established lawns poor vigour, acidic soil conditions, a lack of feed, insufficient aeration, poor drainage, shade, close mowing and over-use are likely to blame.

Killing and removing the moss is just the start. To remain moss-free, the vigour of the grass must be improved and any other contributory factors addressed. Good lawn maintenance is essential to maintaining lawn health.

Moss is more prevalent in Autumn and Winter when soil and weather conditions are perfect. Wet lawns can quickly become infested with moss.

Cheshire Lawn Doctor can treat and remove the moss in your lawn and advise on any future treatments that will be required to make sure your lawn is strong and healthy and so lessening the chance of moss growing.

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