The Perfect Lawn

Unfortunately the perfect lawn doesn’t exist. Someone will always find a fault with whatever lawn it is. We all have different ideas of how we want our lawn to look. At Cheshire Lawn Doctor we always discuss with our customers what they want from their lawn. Some may want it to look like a bowling green whilst others want it to be a practical, hard wearing area for children to play. However you choose to have your lawn our lawn care programme will ensure it is looking at its best not only during Spring and Summer but also through the rest of the year.

Grass is like any living plant, looked after correctly with the right amount of nutrients, air and water, it will flourish and look healthy. Problems arise when the grass is ignored. This can be as simple as irregular mowing. Poor nutrition can be another reason, as can soil and thatch management. Lawn treatment isn’t just about throwing on the lawn a cheap DIY all in one fertiliser in Spring and forgetting about it for the rest of the year it is about regular seasonal treatments with professional fertilisers to ensure even growth throughout the year. It is about checking the health of the lawn for pests and diseases. It is about aerating the lawn to allow deeper root growth and better water and air movement in the soil. It is about ensuring moss and thatch is controlled and removed by scarification to allow the grass to grow unhindered. It is also about weed control preventing competition from weeds that will also make the lawn look unsightly.

Lawn care and lawn treatments are all the above and a lot more. We treat hundreds of lawns of varying sizes and conditions and growing on different soil types. Cheshire Lawn Doctor has years of experience of how to care for your lawn. We only use what we think are the best products for your lawn and only offer treatments that we feel are beneficial, no sales gimmicks or waste of time treatments.

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