Winter Lawn Care

What not to do in the Winter!!!

The grass in your lawn is a plant and should therefore be treated accordingly. Whilst you may feel that a 3 or 4 in 1 feed from your local DIY shop, applied a couple of times a year, is enough for your lawn you are wrong. Whilst we may not visibly see much leaf growth of the grass over the colder Winter months in Warrington your lawn still needs continual feeding to ensure strong root growth and also strong, healthy leaf blades to help fight against hard frosts. Regular treatments are a must to ensure your lawn looks at its best during Spring and Summer.

Cheshire Lawn Doctor has years of experience of applying lawn treatments and our tried and tested formulas, from high nitrogen Spring feeds to moss killers in Autumn, will provide enough nutrients for your lawn to flourish.

Lawn maintenance during the Winter months is very important. Ensure the following to make sure your lawn stays healthy and green:

  • Remove all debris that has fallen on to your lawn. Leaves are very problematic at this time of year and if allowed to rot on the lawn will prevent air and sunlight from reaching it and kill it off. Make sure leaves are raked off every few days to prevent this.
  • Try not to walk on your lawn during wet spells. Water evaporates a lot slower in Winter and with the heavy rainfall we are currently experiencing the ground is saturated. Heavy traffic during these periods will compact the soil and prevent good root growth. Water can also begin to puddle in heavily compacted areas which can kill off the grass.
  • Keep off your lawn during frost and snow. There is no need to be on the lawn during these periods and you will only damage the grass leaf blades by doing so.
  • Good aeration. Whether this is with a fork or by our mechanical aerator it is good to aerate your lawn at least once per year. Aeration alleviates compaction and allows better movement of water, air and nutrients around the grass roots.
  • Good lawn fertilisation. Replenishing nutrients leaching from the soil is very important to the health of your lawn. Balanced nutrients need to be applied at the correct time and in the correct quantities to ensure good growth throughout the year. Too much nitrogen during the cooler months will result in soft leaf growth which is then more susceptible to disease and frost damage. Too much iron during warmer periods will scorch your lawn.
  • Mowing your lawn. There is no rule to say that grass cannot be cut during Winter. If the grass leaf is growing then a light trim with the mower set high will not harm it. Avoid frosty and wet days.

Cheshire Lawn Doctor’s extensive lawn treatment service will provide everything you require for your lawn to look its best and be the envy of your neighbours. It’s never too late to start with lawn treatments.

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