Warrington Lawns in Winter

Warrington Lawns in Winter

We all look out of our windows on those cold, wet, miserable days to see our Warrington Lawns in Winter and pray that Spring and warm days aren’t too far away.

Our lawns in Warrington take a battering during the winter months. Constant heavy rain, cold and restricted light due to short daylight days all have their affect. We can have weeks when the sun does not shine or heavy snow covers your lawn and snowmen are built. Your grass survives all that is thrown at it but still grows again once the temperature increases. This is the beauty of a natural lawn.

Planning is the key to a healthy, lush green, weed free lawn. The growing periods in Spring are very important to establish your lawn for the coming months but so too are the other 3 seasons. We shouldn’t neglect these periods and treatments and lawn care work needs to be planned in advance to maximise the potential of your lawn in Warrington. Spring will require treatments different to those of Autumn and Winter but are all necessary for your lawns well being. Years of experience at Cheshire Lawn Doctor enables us to give that advice and apply those treatments accordingly.

Winter work is still required. Whether it be a moss treatment or removal of leaves to aid with air movement within the grass and maximise the little sunlight your lawn may receive. Daylight hours will begin to increase from January onwards and with increased day and night time temperatures your Warrington lawn will begin to grow ever so slowly.

If Cheshire Lawn Doctor doesn’t mow your lawn and you do it yourself now is a good time to have your mower serviced. There is nothing worse than taking the lawn mower out of the shed for the lawns first cut for it not to start!! You can of course avoid this by taking up the mowing service offered by Cheshire Lawn Doctor.

For advice or any lawn care quotes required then email us at info@cheshirelawndoctor.co.uk  or by phone on 07798718569 and speak to Ed. 

For any weed control issues around your property then try www.cheshireweedcontrol.com

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