Lawn Treatments in Spring

Spring is almost here and we’ll all soon be looking out of our windows thinking about endless warm Summer nights spent in the garden. The centre piece of your garden is undoubtedly the lush green, weed and moss free lawn that Cheshire Lawn Doctor and Warrington Lawn Care has cared for and maintained throughout the year. Yes, throughout the year.

Don’t make the mistake of thousands of other would-be lawn care experts thinking that lawns only need treating once or twice a year, they require year round care and attention.

All lawn care treatments applied by Cheshire Lawn Doctor are tried and tested and safe for use around pets. We only use professional grade fertilisers and herbicides which aren’t available to the general public. DIY lawn care products bought from your local DIY shop contain only fast release Nitrogen which will give your lawn a sudden, sharp burst of growth over a few weeks. They can be over applied and so end up scorching the lawn and leaching from the soil. We only use slow release fertilisers which release a steady supply of nutrients over a longer period of time. This ensures a steady growth over a longer period of time and also a minimal chance of scorching.

Along with fertilisers your lawn will also require a weedkiller. Weedkillers for lawns need to be selective, which will kill the weed and not the grass. Again, DIY lawn care products are generally a 3 or 4 in 1 mixture which can be difficult to apply evenly with limited results as they generally only control a few weeds. We only use professional grade selective weedkillers that can kill a multitude of weeds present in your lawn.

Spring is also a time to remove moss from your lawn. If allowed to grow then it can soon take over your lawn. Scarification is the mechanical process of removing moss. Moss treatments are applied to firstly kill the moss prior to scarifying.

For further information and for a free quote then contact us via this website or by phoning 07798718569.

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