Weed and Moss in Your Lawn

Weeds and Moss in Your Lawn

Weeds and moss in Your lawn in Spring in Warrington are unsightly. Cheshire Lawn Doctor, your local lawn treatment expert, provides various lawn treatments to control weeds and moss and remove them. Moss, unlike a weed, does not decompose when treated and so has to be removed by scarification. Warrington and surrounding areas including Northwich, Frodsham, AltrinchamKnutsford and Bowdon have ideal climates for moss in your lawn. If left untreated moss can soon suffocate the grass in your lawn. 

Spring is a time when everything in the garden springs in to life. Grass is beginning to grow faster and with seasonal treatments applied by Cheshire Lawn Doctor you will soon see an improvement in the look of your Warrington lawn. Weeds will also be growing and tend to grow faster than grass. If left untreated they will compete for water and sunlight with your grass and it won’t be long before you have more weeds than grass. Treatments applied to your lawn at this time of year will include selective weedkillers that will, in just a few weeks, kill the weeds in your lawn.

Spring treatments will give your lawn that sudden boost it needs as warmer days increase the speed in which it grows. Regular mowing will ensure that your Altrincham lawn looks its best and should not be neglected.

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