Lawn Treatments in Widnes

Lawn Treatments in Widnes

The dark and gloomy days of Winter are on their way out and those much needed lighter and warmer days of Spring are just around the corner so Spring lawn treatments in Widnes can soon begin. We are currently seeing the emergence of Spring flowers and this means that your Widnes grass will soon begin to grow faster. Spring is a time when much needed nutrients for leaf growth, like Nitrogen, will need to be applied. Cheshire Lawn Doctor provides bespoke lawn treatments throughout the season.

Moss in your Widnes lawn can also be a problem at this time of year. Now is a good time to treat moss so that it can be scarified out once we get warmer Spring weather in March and April. In addition to scarification Cheshire Lawn Doctor will also hollow tine aerate your lawn to aid with air and water movement. 

Cheshire Lawn Doctor will leave you with a detailed report on what your lawn will need to flourish throughout the seasons. Applying treatments in Spring and Summer is all well and good but Autumn and Winter are equally as important to promote root growth and harden your lawn for the Winter months. 

For more details and to find how how Cheshire Lawn Doctor can improve your Widnes lawn then contact us on 07798718569 or email

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