Treating Your Warrington Lawn

Cheshire Lawn Doctor has many years experience of treating your Warrington lawn.

Every season is different and affects the grass in your lawn in different ways. Spring is the season we all look forward to as it is the beginning of the growing season. Longer daylight hours with higher temperatures and hopefully more sunshine bring with them new plant growth and your lawn is no different. It is the time of year when fast grass growth requires extra nutrients and water. It is also a time of year when weeds, it left untreated, will compete with the grass for the light, water and nutrients. Cheshire Lawn Doctor, your local lawn care expert, will apply nutrients and selective weedkillers that are best suited for your Warrington lawn.

We all want that perfect lawn to show off to friends and neighbours. Using DIY products can not only be hard to use but also expensive. Your lawn treatment experts in Warrington provide a full lawn care service from treatments to a mowing service. We scarify, hollow tine aerate, over seed, re-turf, in fact, just about anything to do with your lawn.

This time of year your lawn can be full of moss. Cheshire Lawn Doctor offers a moss removal service that can soon transform your lawn.

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