Winter Lawn Care

Your lawn, or the grass in it, is a living growing plant and so requires constant attention for it to look at its best.

Spring and Summer treatments are more targeted towards lush growth above the soil and weed control, providing the green, healthy lawn that is visible. We tend to forget that grass has roots that also need treating. Specialist fertilisers and additives are used to provide strong root growth and also to harden up the grass for the harsh Winter weather. Lawn aerations provide one of the most important lawn treatments that can be given throughout the year. Compacted soil will have an adverse affect on root growth and root formation. Relieving compaction enables roots to grow deeper in to the soil profile and becoming more drought tolerant, searching for water that is deeper within the soil.

There are a few things that you can do to help with lawns over the Winter period.

Remove fallen leaves and debris. Leaves off trees are a pain during the Autumn and Winter. Remove leaves every few days as these will suffocate the lawn, eventually killing it.

Do not walk on frosty grass. Grass is hardy and will survive the harshest of British Winters but walking on frosty lawns will damage the leaf blades of the grass and leave brown patches where you have walked.

If the grass is growing then give it a cut. There are many views on mowing your lawn during Winter. There is no reason why that if the grass needs a cut then go ahead and do it. Avoid frosty days and also try and pick a time when the ground isn’t sodden, this will help to avoid compaction and also you won’t make a mess.

Try to stay off the lawn as much as possible during the wet Winter months. Lawns or the soil will take longer to dry out. Constant traffic will result in compacted areas and the grass will suffer, especially when the soil dries in the Summer.

Continue with seasonal treatments. Professional lawn fertilisers contain a balanced mix that will prevent soft leaf growth and help to provide strong roots. Moss treatments are included to harden the grass and help control the moss.

You can start a lawn care programme at any time of the year. Cheshire Lawn Doctor can advise on the best treatments required and we apply them.

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