Autumn Lawn Treatment

Autumn Lawn Treatment

There are many things that can be done to your lawn during Autumn that are highly beneficial.

Choosing the correct fertiliser is very important. Too much nitrogen within the feed will cause excessive soft tissue growth at a time of the year when it is not required which will increase the chance of damage to the grass when cold weather returns. A higher level of phosphorous and potassium will ensure stronger root growth and a harder grass which should see it through winter.

Hollow tine aeration should not be overlooked at this time of year. Roots of grass grow within air pockets in the soil so aerating will make for stronger roots and also deeper roots. This will help in times of drought as the grass has access to moisture deeper within the soil. Our lawns become compacted through many things from heavy traffic to rainfall. Aeration will help to alleviate the compaction.

Your lawn may have moss or thatch in it and would benefit from scarification. This is the process of mechanically raking the soil to remove dead grass and moss and so allowing better air and water movement around the grass plant.

You will need to mow your lawn less frequently then before as the growth is slowing down with cooler temperatures. It is advisable to lift your blades up a little so as not to cut the lawn too short in preparation for winter. As always, keep the blades of the mower sharp as a rough cut can lead to disease.

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