Culcheth Lawn Care

Culcheth Lawn Care

Winter is fast approaching and Cheshire Lawn Doctor has some Culcheth lawn care tips to help your lawn through the dark, damp months.

Leaves are falling from trees in Culcheth and surrounding areas at astonishing rates at the moment. If left on your Cheshire lawn they will begin to kill the grass. Leaves are best raked up on a weekly basis and should not be allowed to accumulate. Either bag them up or compost them. Your lawn will benefit from their removal.

With Autumn and Winter comes dark, wet and dreary days. Rainfall is generally quite high at this time of year and as the water isn’t evaporating as quickly as in Summer you Culcheth lawn will quickly become saturated. Cheshire Lawn Doctor is an advocate of good drainage and water management. Heavily sodden Warrington lawns will suffer with root growth becoming stunted. Also the uptake of essential fertilisers can be affected. Good Culcheth lawn care is a must at this time of year. Lawns can soon become compacted and boggy by heavy traffic so try to use the lawn as little as possible. Hollow tine aeration in Culcheth will alleviate the compaction and help with water and air movement around the grass roots. I you need to walk on your Culcheth lawn then try to do so when it is dry.

Here at Cheshire Lawn Doctor, you lawn care expert for Warrington, we provide a lawn treatment service that is specifically tailored for your lawn at the time of year it is applied. Moss killers are incorporated in to the Autumn and Winter treatments along with slow release fertilisers that are low in nitrogen and high in phosphate and potash. This will strengthen the root system and harden the grass for the coming harsh Winter months.

For further help and information about your lawn in Culcheth then you can contact us here at Cheshire Lawn Doctor by phone, 07798718569, email,, through Facebook @cheshirelawndoctor or Twitter @cheshirelawndoc


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